Want To Access To An Engaged Audience of Global Travellers?

At Travel Far Enough, we aim to inspire and assist our readers to live the life they dream of.

Our readers are well read. They are educated.
They love to escape life.  Many have a limited budget.
We want to help our readers find destinations no matter what their budget, guiding them on ways to make their life matter.
We want to provide them with great products and services that will meet their needs.
We want to share our experiences, so that people can see it can be done, with the right tools in their pocket.

Our readership is global and growing by the day.

We focus on providing:
  • Global Destination Guides and Travel Information.
  • Recommended Resources – Gear, Books, Booking Resources etc…
  • Travel Tips to Travel Smoothly and Within Budget.
  • Inspiration to Pursue their Dreams.
  • Information on How To Pursue a Digital Lifestyle.

Our Mantra:  Life is Short. Find Yourself in The World.

Who Do We Write For?

We have readers across the world who are avid travellers.

We write for Empty Nesters, Independent Travellers, Long Term Travellers, Family Travellers, Gap Year Travellers and Newbie Travellers.

Our readers are interested in:

  • Hearing about unique and self-contained escapes.
  • Learning how to pursue their own dream to travel long term.
  • How to travel on a budget or generally how to save money while travelling.
  • Travel planning, both short and long term.
  • Travel and travel resource reviews.

A Snapshot of Our Stats

We launched our business in June of 2015 and as of June, 2017, we report the following:
Our audience is engaged, where we reach over 17,000  readers monthly through our website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram networks.   We also reach a potential 4 million through Pinterest Groups and Tribes,  along with Facebook communities we are a part of.
While our numbers are small at this stage, we are seeing an increase of over 50% month over month yet we remain focused on the goal to build a strong, loyal community.
We have loyal readers worldwide.
At this time, 48% are U.S. based; 12% are Australian, 6% are Canadian, 5% are from the U.K., 3% are Indian and other destinations fall into the 1-2% range from there.
We are in the Top 2% of contributors to Trip Advisor and currently find our Pinterest page has over 150,000 monthly viewers (and climbing).
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Interested in Working With Us?

We would love to collaborate through content creation, product and service reviews, ambassadorships or sponsorships. 
We are open to review other ideas for collaboration as well.

Press and Social Media Trips:

Looking for experienced travel bloggers to get the word out about your destination, product or service?  We currently accept media trips and product reviews for solo travel, couple travel, and family travel.

Sponsored Reviews:

If you would like your product, service, or website reviewed and published on our website, you may purchase a sponsored review. We will test it and write an honest review based on our experience.
Reviews are approx 300-500 words in length, are posted live on our website for at least 7 days, will permanently exist in the archives, and include links back to your website and images if appropriate. We reserve the right to refuse a review for any reason.
To request a review of your product, service or website, contact us with details of what you would like reviewed.


Please know that all reviews will be honest, and we will always indicate to our readers whether we have received complementary or discounted travel and product.
Our readers are our priority. We will always provide them with clear, honest information and advice, so that they can have a successful travel experience.
If you’d like to work with us, please email:
Tara [at] travelfarenough [dot] com

As Seen In…


Travel Far Enough is a rapidly growing travel website focused on providing useful travel tips, inspiration and advice on ways to branch out and live life again through travel, aimed toward our specific demographic. Given our background and our focus area, we provide a niche our audience can relate to.  It seems people are fed up with living their life for big corporations and are wanting MORE out of life.  We show them that they can take the plunge and not drown in the process but offering not only inspiration but tips on how to do it successfully
Our experience living in both Australia (Sydney area) and the United States (Texas), having been through major life events, and having a successful photography business in Texas, sets us apart from other travel blogs.
I (Tara) am the founder/writer/photographer and like to say, creative genius, behind  Faced with the reality of working insatiable work weeks in a corporate job, I questioned the the path I was on. One night, the following quote flashed before my eyes as I surfed Pinterest:  “Travel Far Enough…You’ll Find Yourself.”  Given that I was simply existing in my life at the time, I jumped head first.  I quit my 20+ year corporate career to travel, write and photograph the world.
Richard is my husband, trusty editor and secondary writer.  Rich also worked insatiable hours in Corporate America and after seeing my ah-ha moment take hold, decided to pursue the dream with me.
In 2013, we moved to Australia.  We’ve lived in Sydney while our daughter finished high school.  Now she’s off to Uni, we’re pulling up all stakes and pursing the full time, indefinite travel plan.  We’re currently “(Re)Discovering Australia” and will head onwards to discover the rest of the world in 2018.
We’re only interested in presenting the best locations, experiences and accommodations in each area we visit and our readers have come to expect and trust that knowledge we share.
For more about us, check out the following pages:
You can find us on the web, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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