Welcome to the Travel Journal.

The best part of travel is experiencing new places and meeting new people. For me, it can lift me up, open my eyes or make me humble. Or all of those at once.

While our website shares tips for travel, recommendations on places to go, I really felt like it was missing something.

I wanted to share more.

While this is not meant to transform our website into being a ‘personal blog’, I wanted to share more of our travels. What we’re feeling. The characters we’re meeting along the way. The quirky stuff we’re seeing. I mean, we have a list going on the funniest town names we’re finding along the way for goodness sake! Yet we’re not sharing that anywhere (yet).

As we travel through Australia, both coast and country, we aim to share what Australia and the Aussie life is really like. Once we head overseas, we’ll continue in that vein. (At least how we’re interpreting it.)

Part of this travel journal is to document our journey for ourselves. Part of it is to share our plans. But most of all, it’s to share the love of travel.


Travel Journal: Have We Found Utopia in Merimbula?

I feel like I’ve found Utopia. Merimbula is divine. It has everything I’d want in a ‘forever’ place. It was quaint, relaxing, but full of life. Have we found Utopia already? I hope not, because there’s a lot more to see and do… but it’ll be put on our short list for sure. Read on for WHY I loved it so much…

Travel Journal: The Southern Highlands

We found ourselves spending the end of March and part of April (2017) housesitting near Bowral, in the Southern Highlands. We were looking after a home that was truly amazing and, after convalescing after a bout of the flu (or pneumonia in my case), we explored the areas. It was stunning. Truly gorgeous with green, rolling hills, cafés on offer everywhere … and then I started to feel old.

Potato Point

Travel Journal: A Week At The Beach.

Beachcomber was probably the best beach camping location I’ve stayed in. It was exactly what we needed to let go of the Treehouse and all the madness of the prior two weeks. We needed to just ‘be’ for a while. It was so relaxing. We were so drained, exhausted really, but by the time we left, we were refreshed and ready for the next adventure.