Pre-Trip Costs for a 10 month Australian Road Trip

With less than 30 days before we begin our 10 month (re) Discover Australia roadtrip, we’ve calculated our pre-trip costs. We’ve determined a way to travel comfortably, frugally that’s a lot cheaper than buying a campervan and a lot less stress than towing a camper trailer.

Emptying The Nest: Trying Not to Lose the Plot!

I will admit, these are trying days. It’s only days until our girl heads to Uni. On one hand, I am ready to just kick her to the kerb. On the other hand, it’s only 5 days before our daughter leaves for University. It will be like losing a limb. While I know it will be liberating for her to be on her own, it still will be a massive change for us all. Which is part of why I’ve said ‘fuck it, I’m going travelling’ rather than dealing with the pain and isolation of the empty nest.

It’s Time To Embrace The Big Purge!

When faced with an indefinite, long-term, ‘Round The World adventure, it’s shocking how brutal you must become with your belongings. It was emotional, but honestly, there’s nothing like a good purge to simplify your life!

Oh! How I love my Mountain Designs Escape 40L Daypack

One of the dilemmas I’ve had, planning for our long-term travel plan, is to find a backpack that will fit every adventure we have planned. I needed a pack that would suit everything from travelling in a campervan to staying in luxury hotels. And then there’s the plan to walk the Camino De Santiago in Spain: 800km over a two-month period (give or take). I needed a pack that would fit all those needs. I think the Mountain Designs Escape 40L Daypack may be just the ticket…