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I love the connection camping brings.

I am a forty-something year old woman who loves to camp.
I am not talking about RV or caravan camping. I am talking tent camping.
I love the cool, crisp air in the mornings. I love the smell of a campfire. I love being able to look up at the stars while I’m curled up on my camp mattress under a pile of covers.
I count myself as one of the lucky ones since I grew up in rural Australia. No lights, no traffic. Only the sounds of cows and sheep, mixed with the sound of crickets and cicadas in warmer months, lulled me to sleep at night. On clear nights, I could almost reach up and touch the Milky Way. Nature was my playground.
While we no longer have that family farm, I relive all of those feelings when I camp. Now I tend to add the sound of waves on the beach to soothe me to sleep.
More than all that, I love the connection camping brings.
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I feel like I can breathe again.

When we camp, we avoid the distraction of electronics. We have time to explore our surroundings. Time to read. Time to talk. Time to be.
We are more cognisant of everything and everyone around us.
But here’s something really personal I’m going to share with you.
For the past few months, Rich and I have been really struggling as a couple. Being together 24/7 is difficult for most couples. Adding in trying to build a business at the same time makes it all the more difficult. You get sick of each other. Hell, you piss each other off and argue about anything and everything now matter how big or small those issues may be. I will admit: We were on the verge of separating.
Yep, as in couldn’t find our way out of the pit we were in.  Even this photo below, taken in New Zealand, showed the strain.

Then we went camping on the NSW south coast.

Yes, we were still together for the entire time. But, when you take away the daily grind, add in a change of scenery and embrace the joy of nature, you can come together again as a couple.
We’re all about connecting through travel. But we’ve taken some trips this year that were strained.
Sometimes travel is messy and complicated. A place just doesn’t gel for one of us. Or, there may be other factors that make it challenging.
It doesn’t always work.  Add in life, and it’s sometimes really difficult.
But, there is something special about camping that really works for us. We relish being outdoors. We crave a minimalist way of living. Without the noise, we remember that we really love each other and we’ll figure things out no matter what.
Perhaps it’s as simple as going back to my rural roots? I’m just a girl from the country at heart. Camping takes us back to what is real and true.

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  1. Christina

    I’m glad this post had a happy ending. Yay for camping!

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