18 Amazing Destinations That Will Turn Your Australian Roadtrip From Great to Amazing

There are pockets of Australia that are breathtakingly beautiful. After 10 months on the road, I have pulled 18 destinations together that took my breath away. There are more I didn’t include. Everyone should experience these places in their life.

The Mistake I Made About Canberra and Why You Need To Visit

Do you know Canberra is Australia’s Capital City? Canberra is an interesting place. It’s not somewhere that’s high on the tourist list, but it’s worth a visit. It’s both a University town and the Political Hub of Australia. I share why you need to visit, where to visit, where to eat and stay. So put it on your Australian itinerary. I mean, it’s a great pitstop between Sydney and Melbourne!

Cockatoo Island

Why Cockatoo Island is one of Sydney’s Secret Gems

While most Sydneysiders know about Cockatoo Island, few have ever visited, let alone stayed overnight. I was one of those people. I’d been by countless times on the Rivercat (ferry), gazing up to the heritage buildings, wondering about the history and the secrets from long ago. But I’d never set foot on Cockatoo Island. So, when the opportunity came along to go glamping on Cockatoo Island, I jumped at it.