Ready to Book Your Next Adventure-


We have used for so many trips.
From Santa Fe in the United States, to the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
We’ve always found them easy to use and trouble-free.  Better yet, they are always honest in their accommodation representations.
If you haven’t tried them yet, maybe now is the time?


I LOVE Skyscanner.
I have been using it for months now and it’s a great search engine for flights, hotels and cars.  I’d consider it’s the best out there.  It searches multiple agencies and gives you the best price and when I’ve checked elsewhere, it’s usually the best deal around.
Use this link to research –  and book! –  your next adventure.


Who hasn’t used Expedia to book their travels?  Expedia have provided us with budget-friendly options every time I’ve researched a getaway.  I can’t tell you how many trips we’ve booked using Expedia.  (TONS!)
We’re so proud to be affiliates for Expedia.   They are a trusted format with experienced customer service behind them.  And they’ve saved our asses quite a few times too!
We hope you use this link to book YOUR next trip away.


Who doesn’t love TripAdvisor?!  (We love it so much that we’re classified in the Top 2% of Contributors by TripAdvisor.)
We’ve been using this resource for years.  We’ve found great bargains and hidden gems each and every time we’ve used it.  From hotels, to restaurants, to interesting things to see/do along the way.  I love TripAdvisor.
It’s invaluable when travelling.
PLUS:  Since we’ve been contributing ourselves over the years, we’ve earn ourselves a Top Contributor badge.


Have you have tried AirBnb?!  It’s awesome!
We’ve used it a few times now and been delighted every time.  More often than not, we’ve even found them cheaper than hotels.  With that, you get a full house/apartment to use with all the amenities and less than you would for a hotel room.  And when you’re a full time traveller or even someone traveller for more than a week,  the use of a washing machine & dryer is priceless!
Need more incentive to try AirBnb?  Here’s a credit for your first stay.  Simply click on the link and the credit is yours to use for your first AirBnb experience.


Just looking for a hotel room?  Hotels Combined have you covered.  I’ve used them a few times now and really like their site.
As their website says, “Compare all the top travel sites in one simple search and find just what you’re after.” Too easy.  “No booking fee, no mark-up.”  Awesome!  “Over 307 million travellers trusted us to find the best deal on their hotels last year.” Us included.


This is THE BEST group travel website on the planet.
 If you’re planning an adventure with one friend or planning a massive family reunion, this is THE resource to keep you organised.
We’ve used Travefy to share ideas, plan itineraries and keep track of the expenses  – with people on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD.
You can share links, see a clear map of where and what you are doing. Best of all,  and I love this piece, you are clear on who’s paid for what AND THEN anyone on the list can transfer funds.  There is no longer the lingering question of who owes for what…It’s clear, it’s easy and it’s simple!
IT JUST WORKS…like a dream.


The Auto Europe Advantage:

  1. Compare Rental Companies for the Best Rates
  2. Free Cancellation Up to 48 Hours Before Pickup
  3. Ready-to_Go Pickup Guarantee, Or It’s on Them
  4. 24/7 Service Hotline From Pickup to Dropoff


From the Park ‘N Fly website:  When it comes to parking at the airport, proximity doesn’t equal convenience. Travelers often have to hunt for parking, haul their luggage for miles through a dark parking lot and pay high fees for the “convenience.”
At Park ‘N Fly, we offer More than just parking™ with our great service and convenience. We pick you up at your car in 5 minutes or less and drop you off right at your terminal.
It’s a lot more for a lot less, with no walking and no hassle. In addition, many of our lots offer special services like car washes, oil changes, pet boarding and much more.


Why buy travel insurance from World
  1. Backed by specialist insurers and global assistance partners
  2. Buy Online, even if you’ve already left home
  3. Extend and claim online while travelling
  4. Covers a range of adventure sports and activities
  5. Give a little back and support a community development project
BONUS REASON:  World Nomads are the preferred insurance carrier with most full time travellers, including this blogger. =)

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