The Mistake I Made About Canberra and Why You Need To Visit

Canberra is an interesting place. It’s not somewhere that’s high on the tourist list, but with extended time in Australia, it’s worth a visit. It’s both a University town and the Political Hub of Australia. It’s an interesting mix. But, I have always been on the fence when it came to Canberra. I have discovered why people who live there, love it so much.

Emptying The Nest: Trying Not to Lose the Plot!

I will admit, these are trying days. It’s only days until our girl heads to Uni. On one hand, I am ready to just kick her to the kerb. On the other hand, it’s only 5 days before our daughter leaves for University. It will be like losing a limb. While I know it will be liberating for her to be on her own, it still will be a massive change for us all. Which is part of why I’ve said ‘fuck it, I’m going travelling’ rather than dealing with the pain and isolation of the empty nest.